Resilient And Charismatic Leadership Of Michael Dadoun

17 Jun 14 - 05:35

Going by educational background of Michael Dadoun, CEO at UpClick, one can easily conclude about his impeccable credentials in the domain of finance. He has also earned impressive qualifications in Computer Engineering.

Flawless track record that confirms sound educational background

Dadoun has always been interested in finance and it was quite natural for him to pursue his studies in Bachelor of Commerce from premier institute of Universite de Montreal. This was followed by ESCP in Int...
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Flexible And Visionary Leadership Of Michael Dadoun

17 May 14 - 07:54

Michael Dadoun has an impressive educational background that speaks volumes about his expertise in technical as well as financial domain. He passed his Computer Engineering and Bachelor of Commerce from Universite de Montreal.

Successful track record to match sound educational background

His passion in finance could earn him CFA in finance and investment management from CFA Institute and ESCP in International Finance. With such an imposing education to back him, Michael has been able to...
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Michael Dadoun of UpClick: A Man with Numerous Capabilities

19 Apr 14 - 05:30

When we talk of Michael Dadoun of UpClick, the picture of a multi-talented personality comes to the mind immediately. His expertise in different fields has earned him the image of a versatile person. He can very well handle the fields like online advertising, entrepreneurship, e-commerce, search engine marketing, PPC services, and product management. He knows very well how to develop the feeling of loyalty and collaboration among his subordinates.

Strong Management Skills

Presently work...
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