For Michael Dadoun, Upclick Is A Springboard For More Achievements

The retail boom in the coming years will be fueled by mobile commerce.

For the satisfaction of Michael Dadoun, Upclick provided convenient solutions for mobile transactions as well.  

Businesses that ignore mobiles will be doing so at their own peril.

Today technology has changed the relationship between retailers and consumers, shifting the balance towards those who are farther away from vendors.  Mobiles are speeding up this transformation.  

With more people than ever before jumping the bandwagon of mobile transactions, digital merchants must make efforts to push up their mobile commerce-enabled advertising.

Robust advertisers have persistently used mobile advertising to drive consumers to mobile optimized websites to augment sales.

According to Michael Dadoun, the Canadian mobile user looks for speed, immediacy and efficiency. With this mind, Canadian e-retailers must focus on ad content delivery to consumers at exceptionally personal levels.

Yet, driving a mobile enabled business is easier said than done.

“There are plenty of challenges”, says a retailer who has recently forayed into mobile business enablement. “We have to deal with the complexity of the platform and many more things”.

For Michael Dadoun, Upclick was a beginning to his objective - to make Canada a force to reckon with in the e-commerce domain.

“Merchants to leverage mobile business must not waste opportunity to learn more about their customers”, says Michael Dadoun.

It goes without saying that competition is heating up in the mobile segment. This is bound to add to problems for newcomers as discoverability will become increasingly vital as a flood of mobile applications are added to app stores every moment.

With mobile screens getting more cluttered, users have become selective about which application they choose to download. For increased engagement, merchants must also focus on marketing of apps to drive downloads.

The road to success on the e-commerce highway is beset with obstacles. But luckily, with individuals like Michael Dadoun to help out, digital merchants can rest assured that solutions will always be in the offing.

Dadoun is presently CEO of a leading full payment processing solution system. He is also associated with Kutoto, Inc and Lavasoft.   


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