Michael Dadoun, Montreal-based entrepreneur, is an admirable leader. He is popular for his confidence, charisma, sincerity, and humility. He is an expert in selecting the right people for the right job. He also knows how to encourage people to give the best to an organization.

UpClick is a payment processing company that provides awesome services to online businesspeople. Being the co-founder and the CEO of such an esteemed company that requires intensive management is not an easy task. Yet, Michael performs the task with devotion, ease, and intelligence. He has an endless reservoir of energy within him.

More about Michael

Michael Dadoun resides in Montreal, Canada. Along with leading UpClick, he also serves as Solaria Fund’s Principal. He manages two diverse work cultures, plus family life, and still finds time for his hobbies. Indeed, his time management is admirable!

Michael motivates others. He has a charming personality. As you spend some time with this humble man, you can feel positive vibes coming from him. You feel energetic in his company. This is how Michael affects people.  

Is Michael a born leader? Most of his reviews reveal that he made himself a leader. He recognized his talents and harnessed them. He honed his skills. He learnt the ropes. He worked hard and never left the ethical path. The result is in front of everybody, a man who is a respectable CEO and popular leader. For many, he is a mentor and an inspiration. 

  A commendable CEO and a good human being

First things first. If you want others to respect you, you must respect them too.   Before you become an appreciable CEO, you must become an  appreciable human being.

This is because the journey toward success starts with your basic qualities like integrity, modesty, sincerity, devotion, diligence, and strong will power. Apart from this, passion and compassion are two keys to open the door to success.

Michael Dadoun, Montreal-based entrepreneur, knows this well. He has implemented this successfully in his personal and professional life. Perhaps, that’s the reason he is popular among people at his home and workplace. The web world admires him.

Undoubtedly, organizational goals are vital, but what’s more vital is human resource of the organization. This is the “asset” that will bring your company profits and help it achieve its goals. According to Michael, a motivated workforce can do wonders to a company. Probably, that’s the reason he invests time, energy, and funds to create an inspiring work culture in his company.
He has built a talented, dedicated, and enthusiastic team. It is focused toward organizational goals and equipped with necessary skills to achieve them. This is where UpClick’s secret of success lies.

Michael has taken pains to choose the right people for his company. There is no place for lazy, procrastinating, unethical, and weak willed people in his company.

Indeed, Michael Dadoun, Montreal-based entrepreneur, delivers excellence and expects his team to do the same. He is a man of his word with an essence of a high achiever.

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