Michael Dadoun of Montreal: Providing the Lead in E-Commerce Integration

E-commerce integration is defined as merging of traditional business methods with digital or internet commerce capabilities in a flawless transparent system.

This is exactly what many traditional e-commerce providers offer to merchants.

However sadly, this is not enough. Traditional e-commerce providers offer only template solutions with quick implementation potential, but with hardly any customization capability.

Michael Dadoun of Montreal understood the needs of the digital entrepreneurs of today. They do not want a compromise between speed and customization – they want both.

As a result, Michael Dadoun’s solution is offering fully customizable e-commerce experience with the fastest time possible.

E-commerce integration

E-commerce integration is about assimilating all the components that make a web store and integrating them in a website in such a manner that they complement each other.

Admittedly, e-commerce does not require only computing and programming skills. It needs a good understanding of the company and its products and services, and at least knowledge of basic marketing concepts.

Why customization?

Before we answer this question, let us explain the objectives of e-commerce further:

Sellers are taking recourse to the internet to reach out to more and more customers. This is the fastest way to reach out to thousands of potential new clients. Moreover, buying via the internet makes the cost of transactions minimal.

From customers’ point of view, being able to make purchases from the comfort of their own homes is a great advantage. No travel to a brick and mortar store, and no putting up with a sales agent.

For digital merchants, all they need is a good shopping cart software program. They can purchase one from many in the market and install it in their website.

However, things do not go as simple as that. Good results are not easy to come by. Every company is different, so each company needs a shopping cart solution that adapts to the specific needs of the company.

It is for these reasons digital merchants need customized e-commerce solutions.
Michael Dadoun of Montreal had a vision to satisfy the following objectives:

• E-merchants must be able to reach to new customers and effectively inform them about their company, its products, and services and the benefits they can accrue.
• Create a purchasing process that is smooth and engaging, and tempt the visitor to hold on until the purchase process is complete.

Dadoun’s brainchild, UpClick.com, fulfilled both the above objectives. It had to, as these days, competition in all segments is tough. For businesses, staying ahead means confronting a lot of challenges.

For e-commerce integration solution providers, challenges are equally uphill.

• To stay ahead in the curve in a changing marketplace, Dadoun had to offer a solution that delivers applications faster to overtake new trends.
• To continually have an edge in cost effectiveness, he had to reduce maintenance costs for complex e-commerce applications.

In short, Michael Dadoun had the ability to gain deep insight into customers’ potential problems before they impact service.

The way ahead is uphill and a lot many problems are to be resolved. Luckily, with leaders like Dadoun at the helm, we may look to future with optimism.

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