Flexible And Visionary Leadership Of Michael Dadoun

17 May 14 - 07:54

Michael Dadoun has an impressive educational background that speaks volumes about his expertise in technical as well as financial domain. He passed his Computer Engineering and Bachelor of Commerce from Universite de Montreal.

Successful track record to match sound educational background

His passion in finance could earn him CFA in finance and investment management from CFA Institute and ESCP in International Finance. With such an imposing education to back him, Michael has been able to make his mark in different organizations.

He worked as Senior Analyst, Finance in Nortel and was Director, Mergers and Acquisitions in Nortel Networks for almost six years. He is Principal at Solaria Fund since the year 2003.

He has been a Board of Director in number of Canadian firms, including LULU Software, Lavasoft, and Kutoto Inc. Michael Dadoun co-founded Montreal-based UpClick and is presently heading this leading payment processing organization as CEO.

Remarkable leadership qualities and business acumen

Michael’s leadership strengths and remarkable knowledge of finance and computers has placed him in commanding position. It is not easy to show consistency of performance in the face of stiff competition.

Modern software organizations need resilient leaders, such as Michael Dadoun UpClick. His vision and ability to understand market has put UpClick in an enviable position in the e-commerce industry.

He has an uncanny ability to gauge clients’ sentiments and requirements. His sound communication abilities have been instrumental in conveying his ideas to his employees.

With innovative and user friendly applications devised under the leadership of Michael Dadoun, UpClick has become leading organization in the domain of ecommerce.

Weldon Oliveira

27 May 2014 - 06:30 am

Michael Dadoun has nurtured UpClick to be one of the most sought-after organizations offering tailor-made solutions to online entrepreneurs.


Brandon Daigle

29 May 2014 - 10:17 pm

Michael Dadoun is a strong and supportive leader. His employees have great respect for his knowledge and hard work that has propelled UpClick to its present position.


Maryann Kiesel

03 Jun 2014 - 01:02 am

Michael Dadoun is an astute businessman and possesses in depth understanding of customers’ needs. These qualities have helped UpClick build tailor made solutions for e-commerce businesses.


Bernard Alvin

29 Jul 2014 - 04:37 am

Dynamism and positive attitude have helped Michael Dadoun overcome seemingly impossible impediments and challenges in the e-commerce industry.



19 Mar 2015 - 11:53 am


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